Following a barber career allows you to be part of the exciting beauty business.

Students in D’Image Barber College learn some of the same skills as students who attend beauty schools, but their training is tailored more toward short hair and men’s hair. The length of programs is roughly the same as comprehensive cosmetology training in most states. Just housing a barber program alongside other programs at the schools. There has also been an increased demand for men’s salons across the country, staffed with professionals who are trained in barbering techniques.

- What you learn in D'Image Barber College -

Barber students are prepared to work with various types of men’s hair and skin as well as women’s short hairstyles. They learn about:

• Techniques for shampooing, cutting and styling hair.

• Specific skills of dealing with male clientele.

• Steam facials.

• Modern and traditional foam shaves.

• Coloring, straightening and curling hair.

• Proper safety and hygiene methods.

• Business management, ethics and entrepreneurial skills to open own barbershop.

Our first aim is to provide the highest quality education for people who want to develop a career in the barbering profession.


D’Image Barber School alternates a proper education with leading-edge technology.

General studies and theory 300 hours. These requirements include:

• Hygiene, sanitation, sterilization, bacteriology, skin and scalp disease, anatomy and physiology, history, shop management.

• Haircutting 525 hours

• Hairstyling 100 hours

• Coloring 100 hours

• Perms 50 hours

• Shaving/Massage/Facial 425 hours

Totals: 1500 hours


D’Image Barber School has open enrollment at the beginning of every month. All classes take during the day:

Tuesday to Friday from 09:00am – 06:00 pm Saturday 08:00 am – 04:00 pm.

***All students are required to attend on a full time basis, which at a rate of 40 hours per week will allow for completion of the full course study in approximately nine months.

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